WISAP® Medical Technology GmbH


For more than 50 years, WISAP® has focused on the fields of laparoscopic and hysteroscopic gynecology.


Together with users from the respective medical fields,  WISAP® has developed medical instruments and systems for minimally invasive procedures. The patient's welfare is our highest goal.


Many years of experience, high production quality, easy product handling and high safety standards for the patient are the basis for our worldwide reputation.

News 11/18

New camerasystem Ednoview 4K

Highest resolution for highest demands


Our latest camera system offers the highest resolution for the best view of the op field. The new technology allows us to use larger screens with consistent image quality and excellent detail. This allows safe working and reduces operator fatigue

News 2/17

New Thermo coagulation device


Device for simple treatment of cervical precancer


Globally, there is a pressing need for a simple treatment for cervical precancer. Current methods are expensive and difficult to implement on a large scale: This LMIC-adapted thermo coagulator is designed with one idea in mind: Simple handling for maximum effect. Therefore the device features a single optimally designed thermo-probe, together with a fixed temperature setting and a timer function. That way we eliminate any possible source for human error and ensure the greatest efficacy on site.

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News 11/15

New CO2 Insufflator


Max Flow 50 l/min


Unlike other methods, the monofilament bivalent system according to Semm allows the detection of trends relevant for the safety of the patient. By using one and the same opening, alternately for gas insufflation and measuring the static intra-abdominal pressure, the maximum patient safety can be guaranteed. The intra-abdominal pressure is shown on a large display which gives the surgeon a fast and reliable feedback.


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News 11/15

New Camera-System

EndoView (CMOS)


The new family of full HD resolution endoscopic camera systems delivers best image quality combined with an integrated image and video capture mode. The camera head is light-weight, waterproof and has three remote buttons for user input during the surgery. The buttons can be programmed by the user and offer great flexibility.



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News 11/15

New Trocar Line

LIGHTWEIGHT - New Trocar Family


Our new product family of lightweight trocars combines the highest product quality with ergonomic aspects. Due to the high mechanical stress, the  main trocar body is still made of medical grade stainless steel  but has been designed according to ergonomic aspects. The trocar tube and the introduction body  are made of FDA approved plastic to reduce the total weight. Thus, the benefits of reduced weight and improved ergonomics are combined.

Improved ergonomics
Low weight
FDA approved plastics
Silicone valve with slip coating

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News 11/15

New Intrument-Line

ECO-SERIES Instruments for Laparoscopy

In the world of endoscopy, high quality of material and sound manufacturing is a decisive factor for long service life and a successful surgical operation. We therefore rely on the use of quality materials and latest manufacturing technologies.

The long lifespan of the instruments is significantly influenced by the stress during cleaning, sterilization and transportation. All rigid instruments may be processed in a washer-disinfector. They are autoclavable at 2 bar (134 ° C).

Maximum material quality
Ergonomic handles
Suitable for left and right handers

Compline autoclavable
Easy to dismantle

The products of ECO-Line are available as 3-piece instruments.