Intelligent and high-performance systems


WISAP® offers irrigation systems for both laparoscopic as well as hysteroscopic surgery.


As a pioneer in the development of laparoscopic surgery, guaranteeing patient safety and comfort is one of WISAP’s most important tasks.


WISAP’s unique Bio-Therme Irrigation System warms up the irrigation liquid until it reaches body temperature in order to prevent hypothermia during the operation and, thus, avoid post-operative complications.






The Hystero-Purator is used to expand the uterus with a NaCl-solution. The advantage of using a liquid distension media is an improved view, a reduction of bubble formation and Sa irrigation effect. Together it results in shorter analysis times.


By avoiding the peritoneal carbon dioxide irritation, female patients have less abdominal and shoulder pain. In particular, the NaCl-solution is a cost effective alternative to carbon dioxide.

  • Non-contact pressure measurement
  • Leakage compensation in case of pressure drop
  • The improved pressure regulation controls the flow volume into the cavum uteri
  • Fast and accurate flow control through improved Software
  • Easy insertion of disposable autoclavable tubing
  • Analogue pressure presetting (15 - 150 mmHg) as well as  flow rate (30 - 500 ml/min)
  • Continuous display of current pressure



The AQUAPURATOR is used in laparoscopic surgery and in diagnostic hysteroscopy and arthroscopy with 1-5 liters of NaCl-solution at body temperature in plastic bags. The heating element is switched on separately and provides irrigation fluid at constant body temperature.

  • Independent ventilation system of the tubing set
  • Contamination-free liquid disposal by connecting to each vacuum system
  • Monovil-Bivalent alternative irrigation tubes allow the control of the instillation
  • Temperature indicator to check the optimum temperature of the solution

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