WISAP Power Drive / Effcetive and Safe Morcellation


POWER DRIVE is a cable-operated electro-mechanical cutting system for minimally invasive extraction of tissue. It is intended for the use of hysterectomy (removal of the uterus or parts of it) and myomectomy (fibroids in the uterus).


The WISAP® morcellator was developed by Prof. Kurt SEMM® who is considered to be the founder of laparoscopic surgery. The device has been improved over the past years according to the requirements of the market.


The system provides, contrary to other commercially available systems, the possibility of an horizontal morcellation and has presented a secure platform and high patient safety for more than 15 years.

  • Consistent torque without performance degradation 

  • SAP: Slow Acceleration Protection System 
  • Quick release for easy handling 
  • Gear and handpiece autoclavable

Power Drive MACRO

(10/ 15/ 20 mm)


With the gearbox MACRO it is possible to use SINGLE-CUT cutting tubes up to 20 mm. The head is made of high-quality POM and autoclavable.

To guarantee a high effectiveness, the single-use as well as multi-use cutting tubes are made of medical high-quality steel.






Power Drive SAFETY

(15 mm)


With our Power Drive SAFTEY it is possible to use SINGLE-CUT and TWIN-CUT cutting system with a diameter of 15mm.

The Powerdrive head is made of high-quality POM and also autoclavable.

To guarantee a safe morcellation,our Powerdrive SAFETY can be used with direct removal cutting tubes and SAFETY Trocars. 

Statement about the Dangers of Electric Morcellation by AGE


In a FDA report of April 17, 2014 it is warned about the seeding effect of unsuspected uterine sarcomas during the use of electronic morcellation.  

The organizations AAGL and AGE published statements in which both of them continue to consider electronic morcellation to be an application holding clinical benefit, taking into account the known risks. In response to the warning of the FDA, WISAP has undergone new clinical evaluation with regard to the morcellation-system POWER DRIVE and has also come to the conclusion that the clinical benefits outweigh the risks. WISAP therefore agrees with the statement of AGE:


AGE Statement of November, 18th 2015
"From the perspective of the AGE electric morcellation is seen as important application for patients with symptomatic fibroids. Instead of performing an abdominal hysterectomy ,the minimally invasive laparoscopic hysterectomy or organ-preserving myomectomy can often be carried out with the corresponding advantages. The banishment of the electrical morcellation would probably result in higher morbidity and mortality in patients as result. However, all patients must be informed of the low probability of malignancy."


Statement FDA, April 2014

Statement AAGL, July 2014

Statement AGE, December 2014

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