Minimally invasive, organ preserving

Over the past 50 years, WISAP® has established its niche as a medium-sized provider of medical instruments and devices for minimally invasive surgery in the department of gynecology.
WISAP® still follows the philosophy of its founder Prof. Dr. Kurt SEMM®, who believed that any surgical intervention  should be minimally invasive and organ preserving.
His inventions like the cervix-coagulator, the electric morcellator (Power Drive) and the automatic warm-gas- insufflation (Tetraflator) have helped implementing the key-hole-technique into gynecology.


 Detail //: Dr. Kurt Semm



Certified Quality


WISAP® has always focused on high quality products and services. Strict controls guarantee a consistent quality assurance, ranging from the purchase of raw materials to outbound inspections. WISAP® employs specialized staff. All products are manufactured in Germany using the highest quality of materials.


The "TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH" is the notified body of WISAP®. WISAP as a company is certified according to  EN ISO 13485 2003 + AC 2012, the products meet the the directive for medical products 93/42 EWG. Our products meet the "Medical Device Directive 93/43 EEC". The certificates are available for registered users in the info center.