Multi-use trocars


The product-family of trocars has continually been improved over the past 25 years and has been especially designed for use in laparoscopic surgery. Even with inducted equipment, the flow resistance remains negligibly low.


WISAP® trocars can be dismantled and have been produced under German precision manufacturing.


  • trumpet-valve
  • flapp-valve
  • silicone-valve 


LIGHTWEIGHT - new Trocar Family


Our new product family of lightweight trocars combines the highest product quality with ergonomic aspects. Due to the high mechanical stress, the  main trocar body is still made of medical grade stainless steel  but has been designed according to ergonomic aspects. The trocar tube and the introduction body  are made of FDA approved plastic to reduce the total weight. Thus, the benefits of reduced weight and improved ergonomics are combined.

Improved ergonomics
Low weight
FDA approved plastics
Silicone valve with slip coating

The products shown above are only a selection of our product range. To download the catalogue, please click on the link below:


 Catalogue Trocars